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Unlike mass-produced birdhouses that consist of cheap, thin wood and staples, we use Western Red Cedar and exterior screws to handcraft solid, durable boxes that are built to last. Mounting hardware and instructions are included with every order. These beautiful works of art are the perfect addition to any birder’s property.

Cedar Bat Houses

Bat HouseNatural Mosquito Control

A single bat can eat up to 1,200 mosquito-sized insects every hour, and up to 6,000 to 8,000 insects each night.

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Customer Reviews

Noreen W. | 3/14/20
“Ordered the bat, wren and bluebird houses from Amity Nestbox and received our order next day, well packaged in boxes with directions/tips. All very nice and hung today awaiting occupants!”

Tracey | 2/1/20
“His work is amazingly sturdy and well worth his pricing!!!”

Elizabeth S. | 2/1/20
“These birdhouses are amazing! Gave them as gifts and got one for myself.”

Mario R. | 12/24/19
“Faster than Amazon! I contacted Matt about getting a Cedar Bluebird Box, and within 2 hours he hand-delivered it to my office. The box looks amazing and appears to be very well built. This will be a great gift for my parents. They’ll finally have Bluebirds at their new house!”

Karin B. | 12/22/19
“Received my bird nesting box today. Delivered right to my house. Beautifully made bird nesting box, roof pre-treated for weather. Free gift of suet feeder included. Highly recommend getting bird box from Amity Nestbox in Woodbridge!”

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