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Cedar Peterson Bluebird House


  • Built to Peterson specifications
  • Made with Western Red Cedar
  • Exterior screws throughout
  • 3/4″ ventilation holes
  • Underside of roof sealed
  • Easy access to monitor or clean out
  • Extended roof provides protection from predators
  • Mount on post or pole (4-6 ft)
  • Mounting instructions included

Mounting Your Nestbox

The Peterson box features a large steep roof to provide protection from the summer sun and to make predation by raccoons and cats more difficult. The sloping front reduces the probability of rain entering the box opening.

While most bluebird boxes have a 1 1/2″ circular opening, the Peterson box features an oval entrance. Proponents of the Peterson box feel that this hole shape allows the adults to feed the young – and remove the fecal sacs from the box front without having to completely enter the box. Peterson boxes are easy to monitor, check for blowfly infestation, and clean through the downward swinging door.

This style of box has a long life span due to their rugged construction. Both bluebirds and tree swallows very readily accept the Peterson box. Bluebird use of Peterson boxes has consistently been far higher than in standard style nestboxes.