Customer Reviews

Elsa K. | 10/1/21 Etsy
Beautiful quality and wonderful service. Thank you!

Tracey B. | 7/14/21 Etsy
This arrived so quickly, and is exactly what I was after. Birds in my neighborhood are already enjoying its contents.

David M. | 5/27/21 Etsy
Very nice woodpecker house. Well built.

Andra S. | 5/25/21
“Fabulous work, and the wrens would be so pleased to move in and call this home.”

Cyril B. | 5/16/21
I have not mounted the bat house yet, but we love it! Arrived in excellent condition. Customer service is ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

Pat C. | 5/14/21
Terrific, thank you! It is a gift for a Woodbridge resident, so especially nice to have something handmade locally. And you can’t beat the quick service!”

Sarah C. | 5/12/21
Very satisfied, more than one person has complimented your craftsmanship and I couldn’t believe how quickly you delivered the items!”

Michael C. | 4/24/21 Etsy
Awesome birdhouse and it was made very well! High quality product!

Katie K. | 4/23/21
“It arrived in perfect condition. More than happy with the quality 😊”

Christopher W. | 4/4/21
I have a nesting pair already. It wasn’t long before they found it.”

Kyle E. | 4/1/21 Etsy
It is great. I am sure we will be flooded with move in requests. 😊”

Sharon B. | 3/31/21 Etsy
“Absolutely! We are very pleased with your workmanship. The house is already mounted and awaiting the return of the house wren who usually nests in our backyard.”

Doug D. | 3/20/21
“Thanks for the fine service, the craftsmanship is awesome!”

Pamela O. | 3/19/21
“Thank you, they are beautiful! Can’t wait to use them. I will send you a picture.”

Todd F. | 3/12/21 Etsy
“Not just excellent quality. This box is appropriately sized and constructed with the tenants (not just the purchaser) in mind. This will undoubtedly be well received when I give it to my wife for her birthday next month. Arrived surprisingly fast with a personalized message for my wife. I will be looking for other bird boxes in the future, and I will be checking Amity Nest box first.”

Enrene T. | 3/8/21
“Thank you so much – we love it! We have already put it up in our garden. I did not expect it to arrive so fast!”

Steve F. | 3/1/21
“Excellent. Thank you for your workmanship. We are thrilled.”

Leeann H. | 12/19/20 Etsy
“Beautiful, well crafted birdhouse. Beyond pleased.”

Joanne P. | 12/13/20
“A shout-out and thank you to Matt at Amity Nestbox for our Opossum shelter. Matt researched, designed and built one for us. All in less than a week. Matt exceeded our expectations. It is beautiful and functional and of superior craftsmanship, just like his bird nest boxes and feeders. Thanks, Matt!”

Todd R. | 7/16/20
“Thanks Matt! That was the quickest I’ve ever ordered something and had it in hand. 🙂 The boxes look better than the photos. I’ll be going out to pick up the hardware to install this weekend.”

Carol F. | 6/12/20
“My Cedar Bluebird House just arrived! Smells wonderful and is very sturdy and beautifully made…👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Bridget F. | 4/26/20
“I ordered from amity nest box not once but twice. I now have all 4 bird boxes posted on the web site. They are the best birdhouses. They are excellent quality. Matt was so helpful, he met me and delivered them to me with the poles. I was so proud of myself for it did it myself. I highly recommend them. And I actually did!! Thank you so much!!”

Sherry J. | 4/23/20
“Great service. I order a bat box and it was here in two days… fast service. I open the box… what a great bat box. I would recommend doing business with Amity Nestbox. Thank you.”

Thera S. | 4/2/20
“We got our 2 boxes in a day! They are very well made! Thank you so much!”

Noreen W. | 3/14/20
“Ordered the bat, wren and bluebird houses from Amity Nestbox and received our order next day, well packaged in boxes with directions/tips. All very nice and hung today awaiting occupants!”

Tracey | 2/1/20
“His work is amazingly sturdy and well worth his pricing!!!”

Elizabeth S. | 2/1/20
“These birdhouses are amazing! Gave them as gifts and got one for myself.”

Mario R. | 12/24/19
“Faster than Amazon! I contacted Matt about getting a Cedar Bluebird Box, and within 2 hours he hand-delivered it to my office. The box looks amazing and appears to be very well built. This will be a great gift for my parents. They’ll finally have Bluebirds at their new house!”

Karin B. | 12/22/19
“Received my bird nesting box today. Delivered right to my house. Beautifully made bird nesting box, roof pre-treated for weather. Free gift of suet feeder included. Highly recommend getting bird box from Amity Nestbox in Woodbridge!”

Elizabeth S. | 12/21/19
“Matt filled the order and made the delivery the same day! The birdhouses are handcrafted with an eye for detail. Impressive quality and from a local craftsman! Thank you – these will make the birders in our family very happy!”

Joanne P. | 12/13/19
“Thank you so much. The nest box is beautiful! Thanks also for the suet feeder. This is a Christmas gift for my sister. Hopefully in a short time it will be home to a lucky bird on Martha’s Vineyard. I’ll send a photo after it’s mounted. I’m so pleased with the beauty and quality of your products. Thanks again. Best wishes for a Happy Holiday season!”

Donna G. | 10/1/19
“Superior Quality Feeders and Nestboxes! A pleasure and a joy to observe nature. My husband and I have enjoyed many hours watching our backyard birds and their habits! Highly Recommend”